Simplifies Your
Practice Growth

Renew offers an unparalleled opportunity for dental practices looking to accelerate their growth in the dental implant and full-arch space. Our CEO, Dr. Don Miloni, a founder of the nation's largest dental implant group, has developed an advanced system that takes care of patient acquisition and case acceptance for you. No selling on your part!

Renew operates as a shared revenue program,
driving mutual success for both parties involved.

Up to $2M+ in Revenue Boost

This time-tested, multi-million-dollar consumer marketing system can enhance practice profitability and overall valuation. Affiliates can realize an impressive boost of up to $2 million plus in gross revenue. Best of all the affiliated dental practice can stay independent and maintain 100% ownership and control of their dental practice.

Please note that becoming an affiliate member isn't open to everyone. Renew stands out from conventional dental marketing companies by restricting initial memberships to just 200 nationwide. Our selection process is meticulously data-driven, utilizing demographic analysis known as Buxton scoring. Surprisingly, only 25% of dental practices align with the criteria for program entry.

Beyond the Buxton evaluation, we seek practices that fulfill these requirements:

  • Dentists should handle both case placement and restoration.
  • Availability of a CBCT or space for one.
  • A designated 10'x10' room for a Renew sales team member (4 days a week).
  • Adequate chair time for procedure execution.
  • A financially sustainable practice.
  • An aesthetically pleasing office space.

In addition to the incrediblemarketing, our affiliate programprovides comprehensive supportsuch as:

  • Full-time in-office sales consultant
  • A Renew Financing Program (FICO scores starting at 550)
  • Surgical and digital prosthetic design
  • Guides, implants, and final prosthesis
  • Doctor training
  • Robust IT infrastructure
  • Top-tier call center

To apply, click below or call 714-319-0364 for more information